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There are many ways to serve Christ through the mission and ministry of Peace UCC! The monthly Peace Pantry mission projects are an important connection to the wider community, and here is the latest opportunity:

PEACE PANTRY for July/August, 2021
Did you know most people throw away
their used sneakers every 125-200 days
without ever thinking about recycling?
Since sneakers are manufactured with
materials that are not biodegradable,
they remain in the landfills or are
incinerated, which leads to toxic chemicals in our air
and soil.
During the months of July and August the Peace
Pantry will be collecting old, used or new sneakers.
These sneakers will be sent to GotSneakers, an
organization which recycles and pays you for your
sneakers. All sneakers will be professionally evaluated
by GotSneakers’ trained staff to determine the
compensation for each pair based on specific quality,
style, brand and criteria. GotSneakers is dedicated to
turning unwanted footwear into opportunities for less
fortunate people in places of the world such as Central
and South America, or repurposed into new surfaces
such as playgrounds and tracks.
The money raised from our sneaker fund drive will be
used to make a donation to Treasures Markets, a
discount grocery and general merchandise store,
situated behind the McDonald’s near J.P. McCaskey
High School.
Treasures Markets sells discounted groceries
alongside furniture, clothing and other retail items
made available from closeouts and donations. It is
owned by a nonprofit organization that will donate all
of its proceeds to local charities, beginning with Water
Street Rescue Mission, whose job-training program
will also be a source for their employees. Treasures
Market’s mission is to help put food on the table,
provide warm clothing and other necessities to our
neighbors most in need.
(link: article about Treasures Markets)