Adult Ministry

The purpose of the Adult Ministry is to plan programs during the year that will provide fellowship activities and encourage opportunities for service that would promote a sense of community within the life of the church.

Required programs and activities:

Hanging of the Greens

Refreshments for Ash Wednesday Service

Kitchen help for annual picnic and other activities

Suggested programs and activities:  (Not limited to these activities)

            Strawberry Social                                Bus Trips

            Dinner Theatre                                   Auction

            Birthday Celebrations                         Mother/Daughter Event

            Ethnic Dinners                                     Cook-offs


The committee will meet monthly or as needed

The chairperson (or a representative) will report to the Church Council

The chairperson will prepare an annual report to be included in the annual report of the Church Council.

The committee will prepare a budget request and present it to the Budget and Finance Committee

The committee will consist of the following:


            4-6 representatives from the congregation

            Representative from Church Council

            Pastor, ex officio                                      (Revised January 29, 2013)