Health and Welfare

The purpose of the Health and Welfare Committee is to meet the needs of people within our church and to minister to emergency and special needs beyond our Congregation.

Members of this committee administer the church’s Special Care and Concern (SCC) program by:

  • Coordinating the lay visitation of all SCC members
  • Sponsoring a special World Communion Sunday service and dinner
  • Making Christmas, birthday and spring gifts for all SCC members
  • Providing Thanksgiving fruit baskets
  • Packing Christmas cookies and cards

Assistance is provided to people as requested by local homes and institutions including:

  • Working with Ephrata Area Social Services
  • Providing volunteers and materials for the Wernersville State Hospital Bingo parties
  • Provide craft nights and/or entertainment for local homes such as Colonial Lodge and Denver Nursing Home

We seek to meet the needs of people in our local community by:

  • Providing Thanksgiving baskets for the needy
  • Sending get well cards to those who are ill and sympathy cards to those who have lost loved ones
  • Distributing the Upper Room Devotional book
  • Planning and participating in a Health and Welfare Sunday that highlights a group or an organization addressing a particular need in the community
  • Provide meals, upon request, to members recuperating at home following a hospitalization.

We provide Scrapbooks and Prayer Shawls as available.