Memorial Fund

Many different items have been purchased over the years through the Memorial Fund to benefit the future of the church, with emphasis on enabling worship by focusing on the sanctuary and chancel area.

The Altar Guild works with the Church Council and oversees the Memorial Fund.

What happens to Memorial contributions?

When individuals contribute money to the Church in memory of a loved one, the Memorial Committee is designated to responsibly handle the funds. The donor is sent a receipt and a thank you from the Church. The family members also receive an acknowledgement from the Memorial Committee listing the names of individuals who contributed in their loved ones memory.

Some families choose to designate what they would like the money contributed in their loved ones memory to be used for, and others let it up to the Memorial Committee to decide how to use the funds to best meet the needs of the Church.

Here are just a few of the many items that were made possible due to Memorial contributions at Peace:

Prayer Garden and Cross

Communion Ware

Advent Wreath




Altar Vases

How can I contribute in memory of an individual?

There are several ways to make a contribution in memory of a loved one:

Online: Select the Give Online button at the bottom left of this page. Under the "Give to:" dropdown box, please select Memorial Contributions. Please provide the name of the person your gift is in memory of in the Notes/Memo field. Fill out the rest of your information and click Give to donate.

In Person: Place a check or cash in an envelope, along with a note saying this is a Memorial contribution, also include the name of the person that your gift is in memory of, and place it in the offering plate at any service.

By Mail: Mail a note stating that this is a Memorial contribution (include the name of the individual that the contribution is in memory of), as well as a check to the following address:
Peace United Church of Christ
37 E Swartzville Road
Denver, PA 17517